Eagle Rental Purchase   16280 Dresden Ave  Calcutta,OH43920   (330) 382-1100
Eagle Rental Purchase
16280 Dresden Ave
CalcuttaOH 43920
 (330) 382-1100

Reviews Of Eagle Rental Purchase

5.00 11 Reviews
Oct 30, 2017

The guys at the store are always there to help! I have used the lifetime reinstatement a few different times. When I get into a pinch and want to return my purchase, they are always understanding and reassure me that I can get the item back at anytime. Usually they want to work with me and avoid picking up my item. Great team at Eagle Calcutta!

Oct 28, 2017

I shop there because of Chad Smith, why he doesn't manage the Calcutta store is beyond me....he ever leaves you'll loose a lot of business....make him manager please!!!

Dec 10, 2016

Very helpful and professional. Makes me want to come back and send people there way.

Mary Duran
Jul 26, 2016

Paula Custer
Jul 15, 2016

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